I finished the page "Pokemon Black and White Sprites", updated the back sprites on each page, and deleted useless pages.
I'm making a page with the sprites of the new pokemon, however the page will be deleted when I update and finish the Pokeferrohdex.
Clean Out 07/30/2010
I deleted some old pages.
Page Update 07/03/2010
I've added the "Walkable Maps" page so far I only have 1 map.
Expin' 08/08/2009
Im slowly learning how to use html code.
PRPGBS 07/23/2009

I'm working on the Pokemon RPG Battle Simulator PRPGBS for short.
Keep in mind that its new and it may have glitches.

Online Games 07/22/2009

Ive added the Onling Games That ferroh Plays Page (in case if anyone wants to connect with me)

I've added the first 10 entries in the Pokeferrohdex Shiny!

200 entries! 07/21/2009

I have 200 entries for the pokeferrohdex!


The first 9 Johto pokemon are in the Pokeferrohdex.