News 9-18-10

Pokemon Black and White was released in Japan today!

News 8-6-10

We have a new logo thanks to Zach

News 7-1-10

Happy B-Day Pokeferroh!

News 4-10-10

The new 5th gen games are called Pokemon Black and White

News 2-18-10

World 2 of Super Pie World is up for download.

News 2-10-10

5th generation of pokemon has been revealed!!!

News 1-9-10

The downloads are up and running. You can download Super Pie World a patch of Super Mario World (needs snes emulator)

News 12-28-09

All the pokemon card stuff got move to www.ferrohscards.weebly.com

News 12-24-09

I have been working on the games page.